Wednesday, May 6, 2009

logan and the shrinking monkey - 4 months

chubby chubby towering over your monkey. who is that adorable baby with the big smile. it can't possibly be my logan roo you are growing too quickly! you still smile smile and just got with the flow. you are laid back and ready to grow up big like your brother. you love to watch him play and run someday too you will be doing the same things. you are trying so hard to roll over this month. you have begun to kick that leg over but just don't quite have the strength to make it all the way. you refused to take a bottle this month you just cry and cry until i get back, so much for stopping breast feeding!. you are one determined baby! i think you are getting ready to cut some teeth you love to chew on anything you can get up to your mouth. you got your first ear infection and took it like a man. i didn't even know you had one, you did not show any of the signs. a little medicine and you appear to be better. your 4 month appointment is soon and i am sure you will be put on solids you are going to love them chunky monkey! we love you logan keep eatin, smilin and going with the flow you are a great addition to our ever crazy life. love you logey roo!

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