Wednesday, July 14, 2010

great memories in old vinyl

i found these old records in my grandmas basement. i remember them as a kid, some more than others. the sound of the crackle on her old turn table stereo in the living room. i brought them home and have been burning them all into i-tunes for the boys. the stories and songs are great the sound not so perfect but the memories and smiles will last me a lifetime.


Meghan said...

we should swap records...i found my old ones when my mom moved!

i can't believe you didn't know you were the hollyhock. are you kidding me?! you ain't no blueberry:)

kind of a sappy post today for me...but i'm just's the same either way...gardening or friendship.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you have some many good memories of grandma and your stays at her house. I know she is smiling every time you remember those times. I hope my grandchildren have the same great memories of me when I am gone. Love you lots. Aunt Merri