Thursday, July 29, 2010

more thursday adventures with papa and great grammy

as a little girl i came down to this creek all the time. i fished in it with papa and hung out on the banks with my grandma. so today it was bittersweet to join my grandparents with my kids on these banks. we splashed, threw rocks and got our feet muddy. after we were done we enjoyed a little picnic and then went back to papa and great grammy's for nothing other than ice cream.

while we were there we noticed a little humming bird fluttering about and hanging around. looking a little upset that we were here. this is what we found....

a little humming bird nest and our little feathery friend watching us from above. i can't believe how small this nest was. it almost looked like a hornet nest. something absolutely amazing that i have never seen before. (above you can see the bird in the top right hand corner of the photo and the nest in the bottom left hand corner.)

(humming bird nest is center of the photo here.) what an amazing thing to experience for the first time and to share with the boys. i honestly have never seen a humming bird sit so still for so long. (excuse my photos all i had was my cell phone with me today......)

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