Wednesday, August 25, 2010

canning tomatoes

so we visited the farm to pick our vegetables and brought them home.  the tomatoes were so good that i had an idea.  why not go pick more and can them?  i got a whole bushel for $9.  bought my cans and yesterday started the job.  this process is new to me so...... i was slightly nervous.
brian helped me boiling the tomatoes and peeling the skins.  after a very hot afternoon in carleen's gourmet kitchen.  (canning when i get home won't be nearly as posh in my digs.)
i ended up with this

after worrying all night that i would wake up this morning and press on my lids and they would pop.  i will tell you we had success not a single popping lid!  yeah!  i only got through half of my bushel yesterday so today i will can the other half.  hopefully i will have some tasty tomatoes this fall for spaghetti sauces, salsa and more.


Christy said...

Fun. I am coming over to taste them this fall :-)

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

you'll get to enjoy it all winter!