Tuesday, August 31, 2010

first day of school

today both boys set off for their first day of school.  (logan's very first.)  with a heavy heart i loaded them in the car.  my littlest is not so little anymore. 

we saw brady's old teacher mrs. betsy in the hall.  he stopped at her classroom and was less than enthused when i told him he had to keep coming.  mrs. betsy was not his teacher this year.  we walked into his class and i could see anxiety all over his face.  i introduced him to his teachers and made a clean and quick break.  when i went back to check on him after dropping logan off he was attached to his new teacher mrs. angie sitting right next to her in circle time with a smile on his face.

dropping logan off was a little harder. (mostly harder for me.)  i took him in and he instantly found a little truck he liked.  he sat down and played with it and didn't seem to care where i was.  i walked out a little sad that he didn't seem to care that i was leaving him, but also relieved at the same time.  i walked out and looked through the one way glass (here is where i made the mistake.)  i watched him play for another minute and then it happened.  he looked up, looked around then stood up and looked around.  no mommy.  look of panic then tears.  my heart sank.  then his teacher ms. amy scooped him up and he instantly stopped crying.  mommy left for her first day of no kids for four hours.

when i picked them up both got good reports.  brady had an excellent day.  logan did well however would not look his teachers in the eye and spent most of the day looking at the floor.  ms. amy said that he really enjoyed the finger painting they did.  it was the best part of his day and he actually smiled.  she told me, " if i have to pull the finger paints out every day to make logan happy then that is what i will do."  i knew he found his right teacher for the year.  they are both in good hands.

sigh of relief for this mommy.


Carleen said...

Now that Logan knows what to expect, I wonder how it will go on Wednesday????

Christy said...

Glad you made it through the first day! It is never easy, that's for sure!