Thursday, September 2, 2010

an afternoon at crystal lake

in illinois (especially lake county), there are many bodies of water, some bigger than our reservoirs.  people actually get to live on lakes out there. (my dream someday).  we were lucky enough to be invited by some of those very people (rich and jill) to hang out at their lake house and to ride on all of their fun boats, jet skis and paddle boats.  here is logan watching daddy and brady take off on a jet ski. (for those of you who know me, yes i loosened up and let brady go out on a jet ski.) logan was not so lucky.
here he is coming back in with daddy.  he was super nervous at first and asked to come back in.  once in though he asked to go back out.  right before he asked daddy to go faster he said, "to infinity and beyond."  he still talks about the jet ski.
here we are our last night in illinois hanging out getting ready to go out on a boat ride.  how i would love to live somewhere like this.  as long as i could keep the boys in their life vests permanently.
thanks rich and jill!

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