Tuesday, September 7, 2010

redecorating - lanterns

photo courtesy of pottery barn online

i have had my eye on these lanterns for sometime now.  however i could not bring myself to pay $99 for the large one and $39 for the smaller ones.  on a recent shopping trip to my local tj maxx i saw a large lantern sitting on a top shelf.  next to it a couple of little ones. so i bought them and then headed off to hobby lobby to get my fillers.  here is my take on the potter barn lantern. the good news is for the filler stuff and all the lanterns i spent a lot less than what it would have cost me to buy the large lantern at pottery barn.  i love good finds!  these are also very versitale.  i can change the fillers out for the seasons and for the holidays and not have to change everything, very cost effective decorating.

so here we are a space in my home that i have struggled with decorating since we moved in. always putting decorating vases on it and typically stuff that truly was too large and looked cluttered.
the flag i found in my grandma betty's basement.  it is a 48 star flag.  i need to get a shadow box for it still.

what do you think of this space, those of you that have seen it before with all the clutter will marvel in it's new clean look.  have a great tuesday.  i hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

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Looks great! Carleen