Wednesday, September 15, 2010

the boy who changed the world by andy andrews

this fantastic book is about a boy who plays in cornfields in iowa.  his name is norman borlaug.  he has an idea that he would like to feed the hungry.  he however needs the help of other people by the name henry wallace who was influenced by the inventor george washington carver, who was rescued by the farmer moses carver.  these three lives are intertwined together by decisions that each person made in their life.  andrews depicts well how each decision you make can affect thousands of people and truly can change the world. (the butterfly effect.)

this book is beautifully illustrated by philip hurst.  the pictures bring the story to life for young minds.

i was lucky enough to see andy andrews speak in person.  i am even luckier that my husband through work events is on his mailing list.  we were blessed to receive a copy of this in the mail from andy. (thank you andy.)  we have been reading it to brady and logan every night.  while it is over logans head at this time brady is starting to catch on.  when he does things through out the day good or bad we now remind him that it can affect others around him. Every decision and action he makes influences the lives of others.

this book is a child's version of andy andrews book the butterfly effect.  i have read it a couple of times and absolutely love how he has adapted the same principles into a book that my kids can understand.  if you have never picked up a book of his you are missing out and i highly encourage you to visit his site and pick one up!  andy has changed the smith family in so many ways and we are so grateful for your amazing ability to write and send powerful messages through a story.

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