Friday, September 3, 2010

latest decorating score

i have wanted this couch for a while now, however would not pay the price tag new.  i could not believe it.  last sunday afternoon i was surfing craigs list and there was a listing for a pottery barn couch for $100.  i thought for sure it was a joke or the thing was in horrible condition.  i looked at the picture and thought it wasn't so bad.  i called the lady, she still had it, i could not believe that either.  all the way down to pick it up i kept saying to brian it is not going to be the real deal, but when we got there it was.  i bought it, brought it home pulled all of the canvas slip covers off and washed them.  here we are a pottery barn couch in my home for $100.  the slip covers have a couple little stains that did not come out, but that is okay.  after the boys grow up a little more i will spring for the $500 replacement slip cover.  i still am only in to a $1200 couch for $600.  awesome.  love craigs list and love my front room even more now.  the little rocker was simply to little for my space.  this fits much better!  this goes to show you if you are patient and willing to look you can usually stumble across a great deal and score some really cool stuff!


Anonymous said...

This looks great. I'll bring out some "stainsolver" when we come. It takes stains out of almost everything. Carleen

Christy said...

Looks great! What a find!!!