Monday, September 20, 2010

come along with us on our reading journey

our new favorite book these days.  curious george goes fishing.  brady's imagination is running wild now. he acts out a lot of his books and movies.  yesterday we were on the back porch and the adventure began.  brady was looking for cake to put onto his fishing pole.  i asked where he was going fishing and he said, "right here mommy." (in his trash truck)

his fishing pole was the broom his lake was in the top of the truck and when his piece of cake fell off of his pole he opened up the back of the truck and said, "here it is."  this is why i read to the boys so they can imagine and dream up their own little adventures.  it is so fun to watch.  what are some of your kiddos favorite books?

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Christy said...

hmmmm....favorite books? Love the Little Critter Books....any of them! And "In the Night Kitchen" along with "Goodnight Train" are two family favorites. Always looking for new suggestions though so thank you for the new ideas!!!!