Friday, August 13, 2010

a week in a nut shell

so i have been not so great at blogging lately for a reason. i started running every day. it turns out your metabolism isn't as gracious to you in your thirties as it was in your twenties. bummer for me. however i say once i talk myself into my run every morning and yes it takes some serious talking..... i feel awesome once i have completed it. not only does it boost my self esteem for the day, it also gives me a tremendous amount of energy. either way i have had less time to do other things now, like blog and paint furniture and sew.... i am hoping my butt will show it in a couple of months :) now onto the kids.......

we went to a company picnic last night. the boys had a blast playing on a new playground. i had to fight back the tears while around all of my work peers. they are growing so fast. it didn't even hit me until i saw brady climbing up a rock wall. a long time ago i recall a conversation with my dear friend meggy on the playground. i was jealous that she didn't have to loom around her boys while they played. she said something to the effect of "not to worry your boys will be there before you know it." they are. it happened quickly and without any warning. (or none that i payed any attention to.) it was amazing to watch them play together last night. my little social butterfly brady was making new friends left and right. logan was doing his best to keep up with brady on all of the equipment. while logan is more shy he definitely has the endurance and strength to do far more than brady could at his age. fear is a word that has no meaning to him, i see an emergency room in our near future.

i hope you have a fantastic weekend and i will hopefully see you all here next week!

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