Wednesday, October 13, 2010

a difficult night with much thought

last night was a night of the constant cry for mommy, daddy......  brian and i are both beat today.  it reminded me of those newborn days.  you know the ones where your child is crying and unable to sleep all night and you can't figure out what is wrong.  i used to think it will be so great when they can talk and tell us what is going on.  however, just because they can talk doesn't mean they will be able to help you solve the puzzle.  we woke up and wiped off spider webs with a kleenex last night.  then we were told the bugs were itching him, then it was i need my water, i need to go pee pee...... this morning we still have no idea what happened. the fog is dense this morning and no amount of coffee will do.  you know... the fog that comes after no sleep.  as i laid awake last night with my three year old the thought kept creeping into my mind.  do i really have it in me to pull all nighter's again?  the answer this morning is no, even though those cute little baby feet are so tempting.  probably better ask me another day when more sleep is involved and my head isn't so clouded.

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Christy said...

Maybe we should have had that second drink last night :-)!
Very cute picture though!