Thursday, October 21, 2010

"i call it perseverance"

i have been following a blog called chatting at the sky lately.  this month she has been blogging about 31 days to grace.  today's post was on 31 days to grace and focused on marriage.  as i read her post today, it brought tears to my eyes thinking of all the hills and valleys that come with the commitment.  i have been struggling to find grace in a lot of different areas of my life. what a great day for me to visit my grandparents.  you see, they have been married for 55+ years.  if anyone knows grace it is them.  i spent every sunday at their home growing up.  i witnessed a fair deal of their hills and valleys and probably missed a lot of them too.  i asked my grandma today what she could tell me of grace in marriage.  her response was,  "i don't call it grace honey.  i call it perseverance."  a little more about grace for me to ponder from a woman whom i admire.

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