Thursday, October 7, 2010

a not so graceful moment

you expect things to get broken when you have preschoolers and toddlers around the house.  it is a common thing.  today brady pulled my camera case off the counter.  my camera was inside.  thump.  the anger started to rise in me.  it peaked when i opened the case and tried to use the camera only to find it is broken.  we all have not so shining moments as parents.  today my parenting was tarnished, no amount of silver polish would do.  i did not handle the situation as i should have.  after all, he did not intentionally go to the counter and pull down my camera.  he was just acting like a crazy preschooler.  i scolded him and the look on his face said it all.  my grace flew right out the window.  this all happened right before bed time.  somewhere in the middle of reading in the night kitchen i remembered this post i read only days before.  then i thought to myself, how can if fix this?  the answer: it's never to late to have grace.  i apologized to brady for scolding him and told him i knew he did not mean to break my camera.  i then said i am sure we can fix it in the morning (meaning the people at the camera repair shop.)  brady in true brady style said, " it's okay mommy.  i will get my screw driver out in the morning and fix it for you."  lights out and a small prayer from this mommy.  may i find grace tomorrow a little sooner than i did today.

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