Friday, September 5, 2008

are those pancakes?

Looking at these chocolate chip cookies one would think it was another Mikelle substituted or did not follow the recipe cooking disaster........... but if you think that this time you are wrong!! Many might not believe the story that I am about to tell, but I finally have the chance to gloat so I am going to take it. Brian was so sweet the other night, I wanted cookies and don't let him fool you he wanted them too, so he agreed to bake cookies for me. I was resting on the couch when I heard a chuckle from the kitchen. I went into to check it out and yes, this is what I found. He apparently miss measured the flour, using the wrong size measuring cup. Those of you who know Brian well I think this may be his first cooking mistake ever. Those who know him even better know that he likes to tell stories of my cooking disaster's which are usually a good laugh even for me. He added some more flour to the dough and the second batch turned out perfect. I had to take this moment to mark this in the history books, it may be my only chance. Nice pancakes honey!

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Carleen said...

That must have been an imposter baking in your kitchen . . . he can't be his mother's son if his cookies turned out like that.