Sunday, September 28, 2008

our little artist

More sidewalk chalk please! This little guy may just be the next Picasso for all we know. He sure does love coloring with crayons, but by far his favorite is sidewalk chalk. It is so much fun to watch him pick our different colors and scribble all over the place. I often wonder what is going through his mind. Sometimes he seems so serious when he is drawing his lines and scribbling and others he looks care free and like a complete natural when it comes to his creations. He is also discovered how much fun it is to color his skin and his mommy's skin with the chalk. Most of the time there is more chalk on Brady and his clothes than the sidewalk by the time we are done, but we sure do have fun! One last little note, if you don't want to do sidewalk chalk, then remember to not walk him over yesterday's creation, because if we don't stop and get out the chalk again then we throw a temper tantrum right there! We could color all day everyday!

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