Wednesday, September 17, 2008

oh where, oh where has my little angel gone?

well today was a trying day for me, that might even be an understatement. my little angel has gone somewhere and i can't seem to find him! brady and i have had our fair share of trying days but today was the topper. i can't seem to do anything to keep him happy, aside from holding him or giving him 100% of my attention. i can't even look out our back window at the birdies at the restaurant without him freaking out. what's that i can't color while i eat my breakfast? well then i think i will just throw a tantrum right here in my high chair. mommy if you think you are going to talk to the insurance company right now while i am eating my lunch or check your emails well, you are mistaken, you need to sit right there and watch me put every last piece of grahm cracker in my mouth and if you even blink, well i might freak out. tonight we went outside to do sidewalk chalk, it was time to come in and we just threw a temper tantrum right on the front porch. if you live within three miles you may have heard this episode. i couldn't help but cry tonight when brian got home. i feel like i am doing something wrong as a parent. i can't stand to hear my child cry or worry about him bothering others so i always try to be attentive to his every need no matter how silly it may be. some would say that is my down fall and now his. i am sure this is just the start of what will continue through the toddler years, i just hope that i learn how to handle it better than today. maybe some tougher skin or ear plugs are in order?

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Meghan said...

my vote is don't give in to the temper tantrums (for the most part). anticipate the tantrum and plan ahead with a diversion. or....just do whatever works:) but you're not a bad parent. welcome to the twos:)