Wednesday, December 15, 2010

and the stockings were hung....

i have been struggling to come up with something to hang my stockings from.  our mantel has rounded corners and does not like the stocking hangers that you set on the ledge.

then i read amanda joy's blog.  she had a lovely idea for a mantel.  so i copied it and made a few changes in color.  the end result is below.

it was fairly simple i took some twine rope and cute red, green and white linen fabric.  i used about a half a yard of each.  you then cut a little into the fabric and rip the strips off.  then start tying.!  i then used clothes pins to hang the stockings with.

the stockings are now just waiting for santa to come.  thanks amanda joy!

1 comment:

Amanda Joy said...

I LOVE your garland!!! It looks so good with the colors. I'm so glad you shared, so I could take a peak!