Thursday, December 16, 2010

christmas musical at pre-school 2010

today was the annual kingdom kritters christmas program. i always admire how all the teachers and staff here manage to get all these kiddos ages 12 months to 5 years to stand in the same area and sing for a short period of time.  we started out with jingle bells and as you can imagine, brady knew all the words and motions.

we then went on to away in the manger.  all the kiddos were so cute, especially doing the hand signs along with the music.

then they brought out the little guys 2 and under.  you can see logan in the front row six kids over from the left of the picture.  he looked stunned seeing all these people looking at him and for the most part sat there.  i was proud of him he didn't cry and i thought for sure he would.  note what is going on with brady 2nd row right hand side of the picture.  he had a little friend of whom i don't know i don't even think the kid is in his class.  however this little boy was very lovey and kept touching brady and trying to hold his hand even hugging him.  every once in a while when the music got quiet you would hear brady yelling... stop it!  it was pretty funny to watch and it continued on throughout the whole program.

at the end of the program they wheeled out the little guys back to their class.  i love that they take logans class everywhere in wagons.  how else would you get a bunch of 18 to 24 month olds from one place to another?

sorry no video this year to my family.  but brady would probably do a private concert for you if you just ask.

merry christmas!

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Christy said...

So cute!!! Great pix!