Thursday, December 16, 2010

the boys room - almost complete

a little glimpse of the boys room.  i still have a few things to do but most of the major work is complete.  i got my inspiration from pottery barn.  we painted the walls a light blue (cloudburst) by behr.  My husband then put bead board halfway up the wall and topped it off with trim.  we painted that white.

the beds i bought at a garage sale for $50 for both of them.  they were solid mahogany wood.  they needed a lot of work but i absolutely loved the detailing on them and they were super sturdy.  i painted them super hero blue by behr as well.  we painted them with a paint sprayer on our compressor so we would not get any brush stroke marks.  we also painted the night stand in the middle super hero blue and we have a big dresser to paint that i tucked in the closet but that will have to wait until spring.  if you are running out of room in a bedroom remove the closet doors and tuck a dresser in the closet.  we painted our closet to match the room so it would blend.  i did not take a picture of it however since we have not painted that dresser yet.  but look for a follow up post.

the lamp i found at tj maxx.  i thought it looked like a train lantern and the little lantern has a night light in it.  it is perfect to leave on for the boys until they fall asleep.

i purchased the comforters from pottery barn.  i figured it was good to get something of quality for the boys as it will be washed a lot and i would like it to hold up.  the train sheets are from pottery barn as well and were a gift from grandma and grandpa.

the names on the wall were from the kids rooms before we merged them.  i did not change the theme on them because i wanted to keep a little touch of each boys room that they had before.  these letters are really easy to make.  all you need are wood letters from the hobby store and your favorite wrapping paper or scrap book paper.  glue it on, cut around the edges with an exacto knife and then file down the edges with a finger nail filer or sand paper.

to fill in the rest of the walls i printed pictures of the boys trip to the illinois railway museum this summer and put them in the frames.  some of trains and some of the boys on the trains.

we will be adding a shelf to the room and putting great grandpa howards's antique train that we were handed down as decoration above the closet.  it is a really old model railway metal train.  super cool!

the little red car used to be brian's when he was little it is made of wood and super cute.  we use it to hold all of our favorite dr. seuss books.

it was fun to put this room together and i tried to not get to themey this time.  the boys really love their big boy beds and always tell daddy and i what a good job we did on their room.  i am just glad we are finally sleeping through the night.  guess it is just what they needed.


Meghan said...

super cute missy, miss. you are a posting fiend today. xoxo

Christy said...

Can't wait to see the room! Looks great! And cheers to sleeping through the night!