Thursday, December 2, 2010

learning new things with old things

before i start in about our day today, i have to tell you.... my grandparents house is a house of many treasures....

we learned how they capped bottles back in the day.  no fancy machine, just a simple piece of metal with a few moving parts and some good old fashioned elbow grease.  this bottle capper is a little rusted but after papa and great grammy showed brady how to oil it ( and he really did ).  it was back to working in no time.

logan spent his time popping some corn on the back deck in the warm sun.  side note: can you believe it is december?  it was 60 degrees this afternoon, no coats needed.  did i ever tell you how much i love colorado?

p.s. the imaginary popcorn was fantastic.... tasted just like air.

here is the special magic about thursdays.  my boys get to play in the dirt and rocks and discover all kinds of treasures at papa and great grammy's.  they get to eat as many oranges and hot dogs as they want and when they are done they get as much ice cream as their little bellies can hold.  my grandparents slow down with them and show them how to fry french fries and oil bottle capping machines. the things as a busy mother that i forget to do. when we visit them i watch my boys relish in the fun experiences that i did as a child growing up on the side of this mountain.  thank you papa and great grammy for all you do for us on thursdays.  we love you so much.

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Christy said...

What a great experience for all and wonderful memories for you!!!