Tuesday, November 30, 2010

trimming the tree

lesson one when decorating for a holiday.  if you can't find what you envisioned.... create it.

i went to four different craft stores looking for burlap ribbon or something like it.  could not find it anywhere.  after wasting an afternoon going in and out of four different stores (if you know me, you know i like to get in and get out when shopping.) i remembered the roll of burlap sitting at home (bought for a project i no longer am doing.)  so i went home and cut strips off the roll and looped them around the tree. 

i think it turned out quite cute and made the tree!

of course if you have boys in the house you know no tree would be complete with out the christmas train underneath!  toot!  toot!

now if i can handle the noise it makes for the next four weeks.....

happy tree trimming!

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