Tuesday, November 2, 2010

the grateful month

here it is again, that month that reminds us to be grateful.  here i am today only a couple of days into it remembering all the things i am ungrateful for.  i won't bore you with our drama.  i will tell you a spent a lot of time today trying to talk myself back into the positive zone. sometimes successful  and other times not. the chocolate candy bars in my kitchen drawer from halloween offered some kind of comfort, then my extended work out later for eating them helped me burn off some of my guilt for eating them.  then i watched the boys playing in the front yard and reminded myself of this.  my life is beautiful in so many ways.  i have so much to be grateful for and it starts with these two beautiful boys.  they represent so much simplicity.  so this month i remind you to get back to the basics.  be grateful for all that is surrounding you, even if it is a thorn in the rose bush.  share with me.  what are you most grateful for this month.

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