Sunday, November 21, 2010

decorating style - finally settled on one...... urban country

gone are the days of toile....... decorating tip:  if you don't like it at first sight... looks to busy to you..... it will not grow on you.....

not that toile isn't pretty or these drapes weren't pretty... they just weren't my style.

welcome more warm tones and less busy work on the fabric.

i found this fantastic burlap colored fabric. (fabric is not burlap it is super soft and you can see the knit through it.)  it is super heavy and soft and adds that simple country feel to my most favorite table and chairs.

i then took black ticking strip fabric and made tie up drapes.  i tied them up with white linen fabric which i simply just cut and washed the ties so they would fray.  adding to my simple urban country feel.

it is hard to get the feel of the room from these pictures but the room feels warm and welcoming and a lot less busy.  more importantly it is more in line with my husband's and my style.  thank goodness for good fabric deals, coupons and ambition to spend a whole day hunched over a sewing machine and ironing board..... love the urban country feel.  love simple.

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Christy said...

Nice work!! Can't wait to see them. Want to start on our place now????