Thursday, November 18, 2010

decorating with what you have - thanksgiving craft #2

so i would be lying if i said i did this with only stuff i had around.  i did not have this cute fall material, i had to go buy it.  good news is it was 50% off so i only paid $2 for it.  (procrastinating on the fall decorating has it's advantages.)

i had the burlap fabric and also the linen fabric left over from prior projects.  even if i had to buy them, this project would have only cost maybe $7 more.

i cut place mats out of the burlap fabric and then i pulled threads out of each side (5 or 6 each) to make them fray on the ends.

i then found a picture of an acorn online and pasted it into word to change it's size to the size i wanted on the place mat.  i then used that as the pattern and cut the acorns out of my new fall material with my rotary cutter.

i glued them on  to the burlap place mat with some craft spray glue i had laying around. (make sure you crack a window if you are using this glue.)

i then cut napkins out of some left over linen fabric i had.  (i paid $1.50 a yard for it when i bought it for a past craft.)

i then took out my sewing machine and hemmed around the edges in a zig zag and in brown thread for a contrast.

i took the left over scraps from the acorn fabric and used it as a tie around the rolled up napkin.

here is the end result that will be on my table thanksgiving day.  the whole project maybe cost me less than $10. (if i had to buy everything to complete it today.)

now on to figuring out the centerpiece.  come back for a final picture of the whole table in a couple days!

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