Monday, January 10, 2011

boys train party ideas

my son logan just celebrated his 2nd birthday.  like most boys he is really into trains.  i thought i would share with you some ideas for a boys train birthday party.  it was fairly easy to put together and relatively in expensive.  for gift bags i used brown paper lunch sacks.  i have a cricuit machine but called a friend to borrow her cartridge that had a train engine on it.  (being the good friend she is, she cut all the trains out and put them together for me.)  thanks e!  i then glued them onto the bags.  if you don't have a cricuit you could use a train cookie cutter as a stencil and cut them out or even print out trains off the internet and cut them out.  i then wrote their names on the train and tied the bags closed with red ribbon after punching two little holes in the top of the bag after it was folded over.

ideas to fill your party favor bag.

train cookie cutter
thomas pez dispenser
(these are the things i used.)

i always make my own cupcakes and these were super simple.

first of all don't over complicate.  i used box cupcake mix.

i do make my own butter cream frosting

1 stick of butter.  beat until it is fluffy.
turn mixer on low and
then add 3 and 3/4 cups confectioner sugar. 
slowly add 3 to 4 tablespoons milk and
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
continue to whip until nice and fluffy about 30 seconds to a minute.

for the trains i used the following ingredients.
tootsie rolls
mini m & m's
mini peanut butter cups

you will use one tootsie roll for the engine, then cut another tootsie roll into thirds.  you will use one third as the engine cab on the back of train.  then use another little piece (about and 1/8 of a tootsie roll)  for the smoke stack. (i rolled my little piece between my fingers to make it round long and skinny.)

then cut a mini peanut butter cup in half and use it as the cow catcher.

you will then place three mini m & m's along each side of the train.

i then took chocolate icing you buy in the tube at the store pre-made and made little train tracks in front of and behind the train.

the kids loved them.

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