Thursday, January 20, 2011

diy wall letters

i was at a craft sale one day and fell in love with the idea of uniquely covered wall letters.  you can use them anywhere in your home.  the vendor at the show wanted something like seven or eight dollars a letter.  in my true fashion i studied them and then went to the craft store myself to create.

you start with wall letters sold at any craft store.  there are wood letters or there are also compressed card board letters.  they are on sale quite often and you can pick them up anywhere from fifty cents each to upwards of two to three dollars.

then visit the scrap booking section and pick out your favorite patterned paper.  i was making these for a cousin of mine who did their nursery in owls.  hence the adorable owl paper.  however you could make letters for your family room or kitchen.  they have a fantastic selection of vintage paper these days.

you then glue the paper to the letter. after the glue has dried use and exacto knife to cut around the letter.

once it has been cut out you can use sand paper or a nail file to sand around the edges. you can even sand the front of the paper to give it a worn look.

when finished you can hang on your wall, set them on a shelf or you can tie up with some old fabric and give them as a gift!

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