Sunday, January 23, 2011

valentine garland and letters

the heart garland idea, i stole from here.  it was super simple to make.  start with any kind of string you have in your house.  i used twine.  then take a heart puncher and punch out hearts. (don't have one?  do the old fashioned way by folding paper in half and cutting out half a heart shape.)  i chose colorful pages out of an old magazine i had laying around.  you could use scrap book paper or other fancy stuff (if you so desire.)
then fold the hearts in half.  then i used a glue stick to glue three together, leaving the center open so you can string your string through it.  (only glue the outside edges of the heart.  leave closer to the fold unglued.)  the end result is the garland strung along my mantle above.  the cost.  minimal to almost free :)  the boys also had fun cutting out hearts with me and helping me glue them.

i wish i could take credit for the above it is a great idea.  i actually found these at a thrift store for $3 when i was crafty shopping.  someone took a two by four and cut four pieces all the same size.  then they painted them a pretty red.  after that they glued on some pretty scrapbook paper and then cut out letters in paper and glued that on top of the paper.  when they were done they mod-podged the front.  the end result.  super cute display letters.  perfect for the holiday.  i love, love, love these.  what have you done to decorate your home for valentine's day?  i would love to hear!

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Christy said...

super cute Mikelle!!
What did I do to decorate? I made homemade whoopie pies and rolled 'em in cinnamon hearts. The decor won't last til V-Day but at least it got me in the spirit :-)
Oh....and bought a red couch...that's as RED as I get!