Wednesday, January 12, 2011

everything in due time

when you least expect it but have been hoping it would happen.  that is when things creep up on you.  you may have been asking for them for a while, like a good snow in the metro area of colorado.  as you can see by my picture we finally got it.  now i pray for it to get warm enough for it all to melt....i digress.  as a mother we expect a lot and often receive a little in return. (the little bit we do receive is often a lot since it is coming from such little people.) life throws a different surprise your way everyday.  you learn to roll with it.

today two amazing things happened.  one being my oldest son disappeared and went number two on the potty and wiped all by himself.  he was so independent in his actions. he didn't even tell me he was going to go.  the pride on his face was prize enough for me to see and an accomplishment in itself.  i praised him and told him how proud i was several times.  after all reward the good and try not to over react to the bad (my new parenting motto now that we are full blown in the terrible threes.)

then our newest family member (kenzie the puppy.) followed me upstairs this morning so i can could crate her before we left.  instead of me having to coax and be patient, she just walked into the crate and sat down.  i rewarded and praised her... then i thought to myself, what is going on this morning?

truth being told, amazing things start to happen when you least expect them, possibly just when you need them.  look around you and take a deep breath. enjoy the moments you are in.  you rarely can change them, so be blessed that you have them.

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