Thursday, December 18, 2008

change is coming

Some of us will be last to know, but change is coming. We have tried our best to explain to Brady what is about to happen but he is only 18 months old. In only a few days we will be welcoming the newest member of our family into the world. As I sit and read to Brady, one of our favorite pastimes lately I can't help but think where will I find the time to handle two? Where will I find the time to do all the things I currently do with Brady with Logan? How will I find enough time every day to make sure they both know how loved they are? I know I will love both of my children, but how can I possibly love Logan as much as I love Brady? All I want is the best for both of my children and I am sure that every parent has felt the stress and anxiety of welcoming the 2nd. So if any of you have any tips or ideas to make this a smooth transition please let me know I will welcome all comments and tips!


Meghan said...

the best advice i got after having will was, "God gives you what you can handle." and i've never believed in something so wholeheartedly...there is no other choice than to succeed and you will find a way. however, it's probably not something you are going to plan in advance (she clears her throat) you are going to have to ease into it and do what works for your family. AND rely on the help of friends and family who love you! and in your favorite expression - it's all good (dude). it will all work out:)

Carleen said...

Don't worry, Mikelle. Right now Logan is like a stranger to you since you don't know what he is going to look like or what his personality is going to be like. Your love for him will develop as soon as you see him in person and you will wonder why you ever doubted that you could love him as much as Brady. Be thankful that you can be a "stay-at-home" mother and spend a lot of time with both of them. You'll find that soon you will be able to read to both of them at the same time. Also, you're not alone in this. Brian will be very helpful, I'm sure, and that is good because then the dad bonds with both of them by helping out.

Like the new hair cut.