Wednesday, October 14, 2009

health insurance - what a joke. need i say more

so i am on my soap box for the day..... health insurance is a joke. i can only hope that the current obama administration can do something to change it. do you know we pay over $1000 a month to insure our family? i found out today that we have a $6000 deductible. needless to say our little man has to have a ct scan on his head and brian visited the emergency room recently..... long story short we have to pay 100% of the cost of those until we meet our $6000 deductible. i am not writing this for sympathy. i am writing out of frustration. what does rocky mountain health plans do with that money every month? my guess they pay some nice executive salaries, have a really nice christmas party and who knows what else. i thought we had insurance to help protect us if something happens and even more to help us maintain good health. do you know it took rocky mountain health plans 11 days to make a decision on whether they were going to cover logan's ct scan? i am not sure why they were dragging their feet when we are footing 100% of the bill anyway.... what a joke! my other soap box issue today... pedestrian cross walks.... i go for a walk everyday with the dog and kiddos. do you know everyday someone does not stop at the cross walk..... cmon people i have precious cargo in my little red stroller. what is wrong with you? it is only a minute of your day for pete's sake to stop.... deep breath.... i know there are many more important things to worry about in this world.... thank you little blog i feel much better now. off to play with my two little angels before i cook dinner. that is all for now.


Meghan said...

i think rocky mountain was the insurer that wouldn't cover a baby for being too fat. seriously.

Mikelle Smith said...

i know. right? that is the one. but of course the covered him after they got a bunch of media coverage!