Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Logan and the Shrinking Monkey - 8 months to 9 months and some days

oh little man. how far you have come in the last two months. i am so sorry we missed your eight month picture. we will chalk it up to technical difficulties. you have begun furniture walking, crawling and so much more. you spout little chatters of ma ma, da da, mummmmmm, dat, ayaaaaah and a lot of grunts when you want something. you love yogurt, graham crackers, cheerios and that is about it. we are really struggling with the eating of solids. you and your brother are just going to be picky eaters. you don't care to much for your baby toys. You just want to dig in and play trains and cars with your big bro. i can't blame you, he is one cool dude. your big noggin often gets in the way of things that you are doing but don't worry you will be able to control it better someday. i promise. frustration hits you when you can't get up fast enough or when your brother takes off to another room and you realize that you can't keep up. this will come with time to. i promise you someday you will be able to keep up with him. we have a theory that you will be a pitcher someday. You are constantly throwing balls or your plastic blocks. you love to snuggle and give hugs and prefer to be held most of the day. yes i love you too, my back however is not sure if it can keep up with this current trend. you cut your two bottom front teeth but so far nothing else. i sure hope some more come in soon. we love you so much monkey roo. take everything in stride. you will do things in your own time and that is what makes you who you are and so darn special to me, daddy and brother. go logey roo!

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Anonymous said...

What love you share in words. Your boys will always love to read your comments on their blog. What a special way to show your children how much you love them. Merri