Saturday, October 31, 2009

if i would have known

a year ago today was the last time i would see my grandma coherent without tubes and wires coming out of every part of her body. i did not know it at the time. we went to meet her at her dialysis appointment so she could see her precious brady in his halloween costume. the following thursday she would cancel us coming over for our visit because she wasn't feeling good. that night she went to the hospital and never came home. this year has gone by so fast for me. oblivious to my grief most of the time, for lack of having any time to feel much with two kids under the age of two. probably better that way, lord knows i don't like to wallow in grief. i have been thinking of her a lot this week as we are coming up on the year anniversary of her death. i miss her terribly. i find myself always wishing she could have seen my boys grow up more than she did. i wish she was here to share with me in my journey of motherhood, her advice and experience. Gee Gee, we will come to bring you flowers on November 10th... we think of you often and miss you always. just so you know every time i say your name brady always follows up with "take Gee Gee flowers?" love you.


Anonymous said...

She did have the enjoyment of Brady to brighten her days. I am sure she is still watching you raise you children and if you listen, I am sure you can still hear her advice and praise for a job well done. What a nice tribute to the 1st anniversary of her passing. Love Merri

Christy said...

I am thinking of you this month! I know this is a very hard time but how very lucky your Gee Gee was to have you. You are keeping her spirit alive every single day!