Thursday, October 29, 2009

more and more snow

well we had another day of snow. i did get out this afternoon and took the boys to trick or treat at the city of lakewood with auntie. i am not sure why all the schools have been closed. the roads were fine.... anyway, here is a shot of our back yard today (fun to compare to yesterdays shots) and some great pics of playing in the snow. everyone had fun except for daddy. he was working hard sweating clearing our walks and driveway as well as my listings driveway and walks next door. double duty for mr. smith. (he did have a great little assistant though.) way to go brady you did a great job helping daddy.
p.s. harley had a great time today in the snow. i have never seen a dog dive in and out of the snow like it was waves in the ocean. fun to watch, but he sure did make a mess when he came inside dripping wet. :)

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