Saturday, October 3, 2009

update on the smith homefront

AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH! No news on my camera. I am beginning to wonder if it even still exists? Logan will be ten months by the time I get it and I will have no pics. Frustrating! Anyway, the Smith house officially has a member who caught a little of that piggy virus going around. He will be okay, just needs time to recover. Poor B. Smith. A little bit of advice to all of you out there courtesy of the staff at Swedish. Use lots of hand sanitizer and Lysol. I sprayed our whole house down last night and bought sanitizer for every floor of our home. B. Smith is quarantined in the basement. So far the boys and I are escaping that crazy little bug..... Hopefully this will continue.

We are trying to enjoy the last little bit of decent weather this season. Brady is out mowing and weed whacking without daddy. If his mower only worked we might have a completely mowed back yard. Logan is enjoying his last month in the exersaucer and a couple big bumps on his noggin from falling. He is furniture walking and thinks he is as good as Brady. He turns and tries to grab on to stuff, well that is just not there. Soon little man you too will be up and running like your bro. Yesterday he crawled for the first time on his hands and knees. Yes he has been pulling himself around on his belly, but this was an honest to goodness hands and knees forward motion. His little top toothers, well they are trying like the dickens to poke through. Wish they would soon so we all could get a little more rest..... oh yes, rest , what is that?

Brady's new favorite book selection is Corduroy. I am so happy it is one of my favorite child hood books.

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