Friday, August 15, 2008

Brady is welcoming a little brother!

Well the news is out and here are the pictures of the newest Smith! No suprise to mommy, who has had the feeling all along, it is a boy! As I have told many people I will have to get a female dog for some estrogen compainionship in this house! The baby looked completely healthy and normal! We are so lucky to have this little miracle in our lives! Truth be told I am a little sad I don't get to go buy a cute little pink outfit today, Brian is happy because he thinks this means we get to have 3 kids now. I told him not to hold his breath! So the secret is finally out on the blog, the 2nd Smith baby is due January 1st. We will keep you up to date as to any new developments, but those of you in the family hoping the ultrasound tech was wrong, I have to say I saw it clear as day with my own two eyes, there is no mistake here people!

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