Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Twelve Months

Brady- Happy Birthday little man! You are such a big boy! We had your birthday party. The theme was frogs all the way down to the green cupcakes! You were quite a mess when you were finished. I have a confession to make. With all of the birthday excitement I forgot to take your picture with the teddy! So I thought the next best thing would be of you in your high chair complete with green frosting! You are furniture walking this month and walking with assistance. You use your pooh bus but get mighty frustrated when you hit the wall or any other object and can go no further. You scream and fuss until we come help you re-direct so you can keep going. You love to play blocks with us, you find it especially fun to wreck all of the ones that we have stacked. Sometimes we build a pyramid of bricks and then start you from across the room. You crawl as fast as you can into them to make them fall. Daddy and I like to call it baby bowling. You absolutely love to watch the commercials when they come on, but when the regular show starts again you go back to playing. Your favorite book right now is baby peek-a-boo. You love to help turn the flaps! You hate to have your knees in the grass so you bear crawl most everywhere outside. You still love to play in the water, you could stay there for hours if your wrinkly skin would let you. Happy Birthdy again little man and we sure do love you!

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