Tuesday, August 12, 2008

how many miles are on the pooh bus?

Grandma Smith asked the other day on the phone how many miles are on the pooh bus? I wish it had odometer, we would probably be shocked. We call our house the Smith Raceway. Brady no longer walks with it, he runs. He has gotten so good at turning it and hardly ever wipes out. It is quite amazing. Brian and I were questioning the other night whether to take away the pooh bus, if it was slowing down Brady's confidence for walking? Of course he still has it because we are huge suckers and just can't do it. He loves it so much, it is the first thing he does in the morning when he wakes up and if we would let him it would be the last thing he would do before bed. Nothing gets in his way either, not rugs, dog beds or dogs for that matter, he finds away to go over them and if that does not work he eventually learns to go around. Let me say again, Hopper than you for being such a patient and good dog! Go pooh bus go!!

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