Thursday, August 7, 2008

going to the doctor

sleeping this week has been a challenge in our house to say the least, but yesterday upon noticing brady was carrying a feaver of 102, i decided to take him to the doctor, as any parent would do finding a temperature of that degree. i knew that they probably would not give him any medicine as it was a virus, but i needed some piece of mind and some sleep! we found out he has some congestion and a severly sore throat which is most likely causing him to wake frequently in the night. the doctor advised to hook up the humidifier and start to give motrin, and not to worry about him getting addicted to it, as i do. guess what only two wakings last night and the first one wasn't until 3:30 am. i feel like a princess today!!!!! it is amazing what a good nights sleep will do for everyone in the house. even the dog seems extra spunky today! moral of the story, just go to the doctor, it offers piece of mind and usually seems to fix whatever ailment you are having. it seems advice may be the best medicine some times!

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