Saturday, August 9, 2008

cutest little man with the cutest little words

Well this kid could have definately given Huck Finn a run for his money back in the day! He is not a big fan of feeling the grass on his feet or knees for that matter. As you can tell in this photo he is holding his foot up out of the grass. When he crawls around in the grass he does the "bear crawl". I can't say I blame him I never have been a big fan of the feeling of grass especially when it is wet! This week he started saying "ups", his cute little version of "up". He says it all the time latley because he is sick and wants to be held.
He also started saying "hops". As most of you all know that is his beloved puppy of whom lately he loves to torture with his pooh bus. It seems that no matter where Hops finds a place to lay as out of the way as she thinks it may be, Brady makes it in his way and runs into her. He also finds it fun to crawl all over her and pull out tufts of hair. Hops doesn't seem to mind the crawling or any of it for that matter she is a great family dog. We all know she has plenty of hair to lose, so thanks for your help with that Brady.

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