Saturday, October 18, 2008

hangin at the pumpkin patch

pumpkins, ponies, hay stacks, a really cool log cabin and lets not forget the red wagon. what is the facination with kids and little houses anyway? we visited the famous farm pumpkin patch on bowles with grandma and grandpa smith. i was so happy that they got to partake in such a fun little adventure with brady while they were here. given they live so far away these moments are treasured. brady was not a big fan of the pony, while he found it interesting he sure was cautious and kept his distance. i wonder if he was thinking what a big dog that is??? the log cabin was by far his favorite area. we played there for several minutes, peekabo through the shutters in and out the door, close the door, close the shutters, open the door, open the shutters...... i could go on and on. finally we took a ride in an old red radio flyer wago to pick out our pumpkin and then we left. oh what fun we had at the pumpkin patch!

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