Friday, October 10, 2008

the tac-ter

what constitutes a favorite toy? maybe the factor that we never put it down, except to eat and go to bed. it is the first toy we look for in the morning and one of the only toys we really put up a fight for if asked to hand it over. we roll it here, we roll it there, we roll it everywhere. we don't like people to ride in it. if someone puts the farmer in he is promptly removed. brady is the only person to drive the tractor. if the front bin is up in the air we very precisely move it to the down position touching the floor. we sure do love our tractor. heaven help us if we ever lose that thing. i was trying to remember the other day if i had a favorite toy that i could not part ways with and aside from my cabbage patch dolls i can't really think of any. i guess i will have to ask around my family and see if they remember anything......... until then we will keep plowing at the smith house with our very special green tac-ter.

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