Wednesday, October 29, 2008

the mom who didn't get the memo

so let me start by saying there is no picture to this post mostly because of my shear embarrassment. brady and i are still both getting used to this school thing, apparently i need to find where they keep the announcements of what is going on the next week. as we drove to school this morning i was thinking how sad it was that brady did not attend on fridays because i figured the kids would be dressing up that day. oh to my surprise when we got there. i took brady to his room only to discover that he was the only child without his costume on. my heart broke. i know he is only 16 months and does not know the difference, but i felt pretty bad. i went back at 12:30 for the trick or treat parade and pumpkin hunting in the patch. he had a great time doing both and we just said he was a football player since he had his football outfit on today......... needless to say the teacher did tell me that it is portrait week next week, you can bet i won't miss that! at least i learned this tough lesson now and not when he was six years old and would have been traumatized when he was the only kid not dressed up. sorry little man, mommy will do her best to make sure this does not happen again.

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