Thursday, October 23, 2008

first day of school

with all of his items properly labeled and all the things on the school list checked off, i think we might be ready to venture out the door. my anxiety about today has been mounting for sometime. like any parent wondering if i have made a good choice in schools, is now the time to do this. on top of all of this brady has been having a lot of mommy separation issues lately and i really don't want to damage him for life by forcing him into this too soon, so i can have a few hours to myself to you know get some stuff done. i want him to be social and experience new things and new friends but if you know me i am a control freak and wonder if anyone can do as good of a job as me, not that i do that great of a job........... after all i am still learning and will be for the rest of his life on how to be a good parent.

i digress.....

we loaded in the car and headed off. all the time i was wondering how angry brady was going to be at his mommy in the next fifteen minutes. we checked in and i gently removed his coat, but before i could finish he was on his way to hang at a table full of toys with the other kids. i walked over to the table kissed him on the head and said goodbye. i cried all the way down the hall and out to my car. i cried, brady did not. i rushed home to start all of my chores for fear that i would not be able to finish all of them before the school called and said to come get him early, we have been having that issue at my MOPS group lately....... i got all of my chores done though and i have to say that the silence of the house well it was quite weird, not sure that i liked it too much, but i am sure over time i will get used to it.

when i went to get him, miss carly his teacher said he did well for his first day, cried a couple of times but when she redirected his attention he was better. he also cried every time miss carly tried to leave the room. he got to sing songs and do an art project and play on the new playground and most of all he made some new friends. he survived so i survived. we will try it again next wednesday, hopefully it goes as well as this wednesday....... oh my little man is growing up, what is a mommy to do?

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