Tuesday, October 14, 2008

breaking all the rules, well because you can.........

there are very few times we get to break the rules.......and well not get in trouble.......that is until well grandma and grandpa leave and then reality sets back in. as much reality as you can get when you are sixteen months old. brady knows that mommy and daddy's cell phones and lap tops are off limits. yesterday i looked over and saw grandma letting brady play with her laptop and shortly there after she allowed brady to play with her cell phone. i warned her that we don't let brady play with those things but was told that is what grandma's are for......... i remember when i was a child and how much fun i had when i went to my grandparents house. ice cream at ten o clock at night was okay and watching soap operas was okay too, except for when i was warned to close my eyes and not peek...... this week having grandma and grandpa in town has brought me back to childhood and reminded me it is okay to break the rules every now and then and be a kid. sometimes i am too strict with brady. i need to remember to loosen up and let him explore things in life. objects are just objects and can be replaced, but memories and experiences well that is what shapes a person and we should all be allowed to stumble now and then or do something we are not supposed to because that is how we learn. so...... thank you grandma and grandpa smith for grounding me this week..... you have undoubtedly helped me to be a better parent to our little peanut.

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