Monday, October 6, 2008

sharing your favorite season

It is no secret that fall is one of my favorite seasons. The smell of the leaves, the crisp air, pulling on those snugly favorite sweaters for the first time. This year Brady is old enough to share in some of the magic of the season. We have gone out and picked up some leaves, waved them in the air, crunched them in our hands and of course even tasted a couple. We all know everything must enter the mouth to get the full affect these days...... As I watch him I wonder what season he will pick as his favorite when he gets older and what he must be thinking as he experiences these things for the first time. I often wish I could go back to the magical first experiences of something so simple as a season.

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Meghan said...

brady is always adorable. we love him to the moon!

i'm tagging you. go to my blog and read up. fun times!