Wednesday, October 8, 2008

telling HOPS all about it!

it is no secret that the hour of four o clock in my household, well lets just say is my least favorite. the dog begins her begging period, which i must say is quite annoying. our dog lives for food and well even after we feed her, she still thinks she is starving. brady needs my undivided attention at this time every day. i need to start thinking about dinner, prepping it and cooking it, because brady needs to eat no later than five thirty..... undoubtedly the phone rings....... i usually will tell HOPS about 5 times from four to five to go lay down, or hit the road, or sit. brady always follows suit with "hops and then a bunch of gibberish i have yet to figure out", he does all of this with such a serious look on his face and pointing all four of his fingers at the dog, we haven't quite figured out how to just point the one. in the midst of the chaos, i must say that this moment always does and always will make me laugh. it is an everyday reminder that i must start watching everything i do and say because my little sponge is absorbing everything i do.

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