Sunday, November 2, 2008

daddy day

well i finally did it, i let go....... only because i had to...... i was very ill.......but it all turned out okay and both of them survived. so now that i know i can watch out daddy.... there may be more of these to come. brady and daddy ventured up to fort collins yesterday without mommy for the rams game. mommy was up most of the night with what we will call a stomach bug. so i mustered up the energy to pack the snacks and the rest of the diaper bag and waved goodbye from my pillow. i was really too sick to worry all day, and needless to say brian called on his way home and said what a great day he and brady had at the game. a lesson for me, that it is okay to let go and i should do it when i am feeling good, so i can do some fun things for me! thanks daddy for giving mommy the day to nurse herself back to health :)

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Meghan said...

b smith rocked the house, mikelle. he did a great job with little man and was totally on top of diaper changing and food. i was so proud of your sweet hubby (but not surprised) for his wonderful parenting capability!!!

i also loved that brady gave me some sweet loves and kisses;) he was all smiles during the game.

hope you are feeling better!!!