Tuesday, November 4, 2008

we voted

aaaah the feeling of election day. my husband refused to do a mail in ballot because he likes the feeling of going in on the day of super tuesday and voting. little did he know he would finally catch what brady and i had just a little later than the rest of us. but those of you who did not make it to the polls for various excuses you still have a couple of hours, and if my husband can make it feeling awful from the flu then anyone can make it. i love the feeling you have when you walk out after voting. the feeling that your voice does matter and you had a little stake in history...... what a great country we live in. oh yeah brady had his first voting experience and he was so good! he sat there and drank his milk, said a couple words (i did not understand) in his inside voice and we were out of there. no lines, no wait and cheat sheets in hand to remember all the things on the ballot this year. can't wait to see how history will play out over the next few hours but i will say i won't miss the ten phone calls a day and the one to two visitors a day to our door reminding us to vote..........

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