Sunday, November 16, 2008

finding comfort in moments of sorrow

friday was a very emotional and difficult day for me. we laid my grandma to rest. most of the day i kept thinking to myself how sad i am for brady and for baby boy smith II in my belly that they won't remember their GG. they will know her only through the stories and pictures that we share. my heart ached most of the day because she was such a remarkable lady and had so much to share with my boys. i know I need to trust that i will be able to pass all of that along and let her memory live on for generations to come. while we were having my grandmas reception i couldn't help but notice brady in the corner of the family room playing with his papa (great grandpa adkins). i stopped and paused for a moment and then began to smile. even though he has lost the opportunity to grow up around one of his great grand parents and there is no way to replace her. he does have other living great grand parents that he will be able to learn from and share moments of his life with. a special thanks to all of my family and friends that day that helped me with brady so i could have time to grieve. i couldn't have made it through with out you.

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